Example of Resume

Rico, Kyle
50147 9450 Gilman Drive 
La Jolla, CA 92092 0100
CAREER OBJECTIVE: I am an enthusiastic, optimistic, and dedicated individual. I have an ambition to succeed in any environment. I have a positive history in public relations; however, I am also eager to learn and am always up to a challenge, whatever the situation. I get along with others, yet, am also proficient in individual work. I seek a position where I can develop and excel while still giving my best to an employer. This applying to my major, I have an affinity for software engineering.



  Major: Computer Science                 Class Level: FR        Overall GPA: 2.50000
  Expected Graduation Date: 06/2015
Previous Education


Relevant Skills: HTML; Java 

Relevant Courses: *Intro/ Fluency and Information Technology 
*Intro/ Computer Science: Java 
*Perspective in Computer Science 
*Calculus I 
*Calculus/ Science and Engineering 

Additional Skills: Up-to-date with cellular companies and their deals, acquisitions, devices, road maps and technologies.



01/2012 – 04/2012 Lafayette Elementary School
? Tutored students from 1st-6th grade ? Covered material: Science; Math; English; Writing; Computing


03/2011 – 01/2012 Domo V-D Fashion
● Keep store in an orderly appearance ● Help customers with their needs and want ● Ring up customers on their purchases ● Create dress scheme for mannequin to demonstrate clothing


06/2009 – 09/2011 Krikorian Premiere Theaters
● Directed customers to respective auditoriums ● Maintained theater in an orderly appearance ● Helped customers with their needs and wants ● Mandated registers



03/2011 – 03/2011 2011 Monterey Park Elections
*Registered Voters *Directed Voters on how to cast ballots


11/2010 – 11/2011 2010 Mid-Term Elections
*Registered Voters *Directed voters on how to cast ballots


11/2010 – 02/2012 Explorers
*Beach Clean-up *Helped in Soup Kitchens



  • Walmart Scholarship
  • High School Graduation Highest Honors
  • High School Graduation Honors
  • National History Day State Finalist
  • National History Day County Finalist


U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident?   Yes

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So today, I tried a new programming language, one that is web based. This is language is Javascript, and as we all know, makes a heavy part of the web. I used the website Code Academy. So what was the good, the bad and the ugly about my experience? Let’s find out.

First of all, this website is very clean looking and it is very simple to use. I really liked this, as it was not intimidating. The premise is simple: there is a window in which the user inputs code, to the right of the page, and there is explanations of what to do to the left of the page. Plus, what makes this even better, for beginners such as myself, is that there is a hint button, so that if you are stuck, it will take your hand and guide you through the exercises. One such examples that I completed on this website was this, a very simple thing that is very similar in Java programming:
 var name = “Kyle Rico”;  
There are two things happening in this code: declaration, and initialization. Most know what this is, but I will explain. Declaration means this. You are telling the compiler that “Hey, look, compiler, I am going to make something with the name ‘name’ but do not know what its value will be. I will get back to you.” Initializing means this “Compiler, I know what the variables value will be now! It will be ‘whatever you wish to put in these quotes.’ 
I only spent roughly thirty minutes. To tell you the truth, I truly loved this site and their program. Javascript to teach Javascript, good stuff. I really did not find anything wrong with it so far. Perhaps once the tutorials become harder, the program will become less user friendly, who knows. But I would definitely recommend this to friends and beginners. I actually prefer this to classroom teaching. The program does not have mood swings like TAs or teachers do. CODE UP!!!!
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Success in Computer Science

Success in the field of technology is hard. This goes towards Computer Science as well. Just because one is tech savvy, and can bust out code as if it were child’s play does not equate to them being successful. Certainly, this aspect of them helps, but another “feature” these types of people have is equally as important: the ability to manage.

Management, whether it is in time, or what things these programmers do, is extremely important. Imagine, one is writing code, yet they may fixate on a certain part, either because they want to optimize it as much as possible, or because they cannot get something right. Nevertheless, they waste time, and if they have a deadline, they up their chance on being late. This is not to say that you shouldn’t try to get your program to be efficient, but by stalling on one thing, and not working on other certain aspects of it, you are more prone to failure. Remember, you may not get the problem right away, and more likely than not, you might get the solution when not thinking about it, ergo: if stuck for a prolonged time, move on, and you will most likely get it.

Now, if you are the type explained above, you are a hard worker, with OCD perhaps, but a hard worker nonetheless. Now, this is only one kind of worker. The second, and most prevalent, are the procrastinators. They may be smart, they know coding, they may know the meaning of life, but they all have one thing in common: they suck at managing things. They know the deadline, they know what they have to do, they know how to do it, but they put it off until the last minute. Nothing more to say about them.

Now, what am I, from the two types explained above? Am I the hard worker that may have OCD? Or am I the procrastinator? Both. I am both. I am hard working, and I know how to manage my time, but I usually end up being rushed, as I lose track of time. This is not to say that I put off what I had to do until the last moment; I usually get caught up with other projects or homework (where I want them to be perfect, meaning OCD on trivial things that the professor probably doesn’t care about.) However, what are my strengths, the things that help me succeed? Well, to tell you the truth. TV is one of them. Yes, some may find the television to be distracted, but for some reason, it helps me focus. I like hearing voices. Thus, it helps me concentrate. I do not like hearing, which causes a distraction in my case. Why? Rhythm. I start focusing on the lyrics and the beat. Perhaps the biggest thing that helps me though, is reading on the subject I am studying for. Text books, websites, posts. You name it. However, I also jog down things about what I am reading. They won’t resemble notes, as I usually end up writing all over a piece of paper (I usually jog down things while still reading, meaning that I do not look at the paper.) So they are notes, but they are all over the place. In the end, I go over them, and they remind me of what I read. These are the things that help me success. Oh, and if notes are allowed in tests, take you DAMN notes with you!!!!!

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What early careers can you find in Computer Science through UCSD?

One of the most “common” jobs in computer science is software developing. It is not easy, but one can acquire a job position in this field with just a Bachelors Degree, but of course, one must have experience. Nevertheless, as one goes through their education, one accumulates experience, that by the time, when one graduates, the experience needed to to acquire a job in this field is already on hand. I digress.
Common tasks in this field include: translating specific tasks into code; complying to standards so that development consistency is prevalent and providing document to support program changes. This is easy to pursue in the sense that it is something that will naturally come your way, since one attains their Bachelors within three to four years (on average.) And since it is rather beginners level entry, it looks good on your resume since it is still experience gained. Usually, the basic degree level required is a bachelors degree, so do not expect to attain this type of job by just having two years of college in computer science under your belt. And if you are interested in this, as we most are, since it is a basic level job entry (not software engineering, but what you do and how much experience you have) expect around 20 dollars an hour.
Another early opportunity job in Computer Science is joining a start up company. This is dangerous however, since it is a fledgling in a highly competitive world. Nevertheless, if one were to join a start-up company, and managed to help it grow, it looks extremely well in a resume, and one can join such a company with nothing but a Bachelors, and experience in the required programming languages. Pay? Depends, but be assured it will be competitive, as the company wants to attract the best minds it can.
Finally, we have the intern. The person who is basically everybody’s, how can I put it, slave. At least, that is how one is portrayed by the media. But in all honesty, an intern is a hard working individual who must prove himself or herself so that they can be recognized from millions of other interns in the world. An intern in computer science must be adept in multiple programming languages, and knowledgeable in programs that allow for programming. They must at least be high school graduates, and attending college, but does not have to have a higher education degree. Basically, you must look physically well, have a big smile, be polite and be highly motivated. Expect to get slightly over minimum wage.
Happy hunting.
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Careers in Computer Science

What is computer science. When we here this term, we mostly imagine some individual in front of a computer, typing furiously, with many empty cups of coffee around him. Well, in some ways, this is true. Computer science is a career in which one will find themselves in front of computer for hours at a time, sometimes losing sleep to get a project done, therefore, yes, a cup of Joe is pretty handy. However, do not expect to find yourself typing furiously, fingers becoming a blur, unless you want to spend extra time debugging your code. 

So, what careers are in computer science. There are many: computer and information system management; computer scientist; computer support, etcetera. However, I will write about the most well known fields: Software Engineer and Computer Programmer.

If you are reading this blog, it means that you are interested in technology. If you are interested in technology, it means you have used technology, and chances are, it means that you have played a few video games here and there. Well, though a software engineer is not limited to just creating video games, this is what they are primarily known for to the general public. Gears of War, God of War and Need for Speed, software engineers created these games. Like I said earlier, they are not limited to this only. Applications that you use on your phone, and computer, browsers and widgets, software engineers create these.

Computer programmers are those that one imagines as the individual who is typing furiously at night. They are actually, in  way, translators.

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